Reframing Aging and Beyond

Changing the Narrative began by building on national work initiated by eight leading aging organizations that recognized a shared challenge: that what they were seeking to communicate about aging and ageism, and the social challenges and opportunities posed by demographic change, was not getting through in the way intended to the general public. They engaged FrameWorks Institute to research how the public thinks about aging and ageism, and to test messages that could shift thinking in a positive direction. This resulted in a toolkit and training trainers who could teach others effective ways of communication about aging and ageism. 

Since then, Changing the Narrative has evolved into a leading national effort to end ageism, with educational workshops, advocacy and public campaigns engaging people in all 50 US states and countries on every continent.

Learn more and read our 2018-2022 Five Year Report.


2023 was a big year!

  • We became a campaign of Next50, advancing our mutual interests in ending ageism.
  • Nearly 10,000 participated in one or more of our workshops, and we created 9 new workshops.
  • We trained 250 people across the U.S. and beyond to deliver training in their own communities and organizations in reframing aging, ending ageism, age-inclusive healthcare, and the business case for older workers and intergenerational teams.
  • Sky Bergman joined us for a conversation about her film Lives Well Lived, and Margaret Morganroth Gullette joined us for a discussion of the topic of her upcoming book, American Eldercide.
  • Through monthly coffee chats, activists helped to develop a powerful vision for a world without ageism, and connected with others working to end ageism (and we partnered with 27 organizations this year).
  • We presented and keynoted at conferences all over the U.S., including American Society on Aging’s conference in Atlanta, and the CWI Labs’ EquitySummit2023 in D.C.
  • In collaboration with The Bell Policy Center, Colorado Center for Aging, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus Multidisciplinary Center on Aging, AARP Colorado and others, secured passage of SB23-58 in Colorado, banning age and graduation dates from initial job applications.

And so much more!

Changing the Narrative 2023 summary infographic

Founder and Senior Strategist

Janine Vanderburg brings over three decades of experience in community and social change to her role of leading the initiative, and is a certified FrameWorks Institute master trainer. Read more about Janine.

Kris Geerken, Co-Director

A frequent speaker and passionate advocate for age-inclusivity, Kris developed the Age-Friendly Healthcare initiative, including production of the educational video, Antidotes for Ageism & self-directed discussion guide. She also leads the intergenerational conversation campaign, including a PBS series of intergenerational conversations and the conversation toolkit. She is an Adjunct Instructor at Metropolitan State University of Denver teaching on Aging and Society. Kris holds a Master of Health Administration degree and a B.S. in Human Development with a concentration in aging issues.

Sara Breindel, Co-Director

Sara has been with Changing the Narrative since 2019, after she completed one of the early trainings in Reframing Aging. Her contributions include overseeing communications and content, event management, speaker coordination, campaign management and strategy. She wears many hats, as part of our small, but dedicated team.

Who is funding Changing the Narrative?

In April 2023, Changing the Narrative became a campaign of NextFifty Initiative, allowing both organizations to collaborate seamlessly on the critical work of addressing ageism, which is at the root of many of the challenges we experience as we get older.

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