From FrameWorks to Groundworks

Changing the Narrative in Colorado builds on five years of national work initiated by eight leading aging organizations that recognized a shared challenge: that what they were seeking to communicate about aging and ageism, and the social challenges and opportunities posed by demographic change, was not getting through in the way intended to the general public. They engaged FrameWorks Institute to research how the public thinks about aging and ageism, and to test messages that could shift thinking in a positive direction. This resulted in a toolkit and training trainers who could teach others effective ways of communication about aging and ageism. Read more about the organizations and funders involved in the national effort here.

Changing the Narrative in Colorado is one of two efforts [1] currently underway to bring this evidence-based messaging and communications about aging and ageism to regional audiences.

[1] The other is an effort in Northern New England by the Endowment for Health and Maine Community Foundation to build communications capacity through in-person and online training in reframing aging.

Who is funding Changing the Narrative in Colorado?

In April 2023, Changing the Narrative became a campaign of NextFifty Initiative, allowing both organizations to collaborate seamlessly on the critical work of addressing ageism, which is at the root of many of the challenges we experience as we get older.

Director and Chief Catalyst

Janine Vanderburg brings over three decades of experience in community and social change to her role of leading the initiative, and is a certified FrameWorks Institute master trainer. Read more about Janine.

Kris Geerken


Kris Geerken, Program Manager

Kris developed the Age-Friendly Healthcare initiative, including production of the educational film, Antidotes for Ageism, which includes a self-directed discussion guide. In 2020, Kris partnered with a Colorado PBS station to produce a series of intergenerational conversations covering topics like the role of the arts in advancing social justice, digital divides during COVID-19, and ageism in health equity.  In 2019, she led On the same pAGE, a campaign of intergenerational conversations on ageism.  In addition, she is an Adjunct Instructor at Metropolitan State University of Denver teaching the course, Aging and Society. Kris holds a Master of Health Administration degree and a B.S. in Human Development with a concentration in aging issues.

Sara Breindel


Sara Breindel, Chief of Staff

Sara has been with Changing the Narrative since 2019, after she completed one of the early trainings in Reframing Aging. Her role started with creating and managing content and has grown as Changing the Narrative has grown. As Chief of Staff, she’s a campaign manager and strategist, and continues to lead communication and content development. She wears many hats, as part of a small, but dedicated team.

Change AGEnts

A core strategy of the Initiative is the use of Change AGEnts—trained volunteers of all ages who will “call-in” ageism, educate their networks in reframing aging, and recognize individuals and organizations that are advancing a positive view of aging and eliminating ageist practices.

Laurie Brock

Laurie has been involved in the information, marketing and publishing industries for over forty years, and brings research, market strategy and editorial expertise to Changing the Narrative.

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Jan Golden

Jan is the founder of Age-Friendly Vibes, a stationery business that celebrates age with inspiration and humor, highlighting the positive aspects of getting older.

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Melissa Jaure

Melissa has three decades of experience building programs in business, public policy and human relations as a philanthropist, community leader and business professional.

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Stephanie Knight

Stephanie brings more than fifteen years’ of nonprofit and for-profit aging adult care experience to Changing The Narrative, and is interested in modeling, mirroring and creating the change that is needed within the aging adult space.

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Randi Lewis

Randi is excited to share her 30 years of corporate, legal and nonprofit leadership experience with Changing the Narrative.

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Maureen McDonald

A nonprofit executive with 30 years experience in her native Denver, Maureen both chairs and serves as lead consultant for the Aging Mastery Program in Colorado, an evidence- based program of the National Council on Aging.

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Maida Pearce

Maida brings more than three years of nonprofit communications experience to Changing the Narrative.

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Joan Prinaris

Joan brings more than two decades of marketing and communications experience to Changing the Narrative, and is an active volunteer for several Denver area organizations.

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Judy Rough

Judy is an aging industry specialist, international speaker, elder advocate, and highly skilled in vetting and locating highly qualified resources for seniors and professional networks.

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Wendy Steinway

Wendy Silveira-Steinway is the Chief Engagement Officer at Sage Engagement Strategies, the premier search and engagement firm in Colorado specializing in employee engagement, employee retention, staff empowerment and developing employees as well as systems.

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Tricia Stevens

Tricia is a professional connector having spent six years with the US House of Representatives connecting constituents to organizations; organizations to each other, and discovering the nexus between governmental entities and the entities within our own communities — grass roots and grass tops alike!

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Amy Zavala

Amy is a leisure services professional with 15 years of empowering older adults from diverse backgrounds, with her efforts most recently focused on training, coaching, and consulting with retirement communities’ team members and residents with Masterpiece Living.

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