Reframing Aging Presentations and Training Workshops

Changing the Narrative in Colorado is offering Reframing Aging presentations and training workshops to aging advocates, policymakers and others pursuing a more age-integrated society.

Developed based on national research by the FrameWorks Institute, the training workshops teach messaging and communications strategies that have been tested and proven effective in shifting perceptions about older people and ageism.

Workshops range from one-hour presentations for large audiences to three and a half hour training sessions for groups of 20-25, in which participants not only learn concepts but also practice reframing messaging and communications.

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Facilitated by Janine Vanderburg, a Frameworks Institute Certified Master Trainer, the workshops cover:

  • An overview of what the general public believes about older people and about aging in America
  • Effective frames and messaging that have been proven to shift public opinion in a positive direction
  • Words, phrases and messaging that are not productive because they reinforce ageist attitudes and negative stereotypes
  • Ideas for moving from concept to action
  • For longer workshops, practice using the new frames and messages in oral and written communications

The workshops will help you and those in your organization:

  • Communicate more effectively about demographic change and the opportunities and challenges presented by an aging society
  • Increase your ability to influence the general public and policymakers to support policies that leverage the strengths and talents of older people, and systems that support wellbeing for all of us as we age.
Excellent content. Beautifully facilitated.
Great handouts and resources!
I like the opportunities to apply it to your own organization.
I love that it provides a new and more positive way to discuss aging.
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