Help End Ageism

Why is it important to end ageism—discrimination based on negative, inaccurate stereotypes about aging?

Coloradans—like other in the United States and around the world—are living longer and healthier lives. This brings with it an incredible opportunity for communities and workplaces to benefit from the experience and talents that older people have developed over the years. Unfortunately, ageism can get in the way of that.

Want to take action today? Check our new campaign on the same pAGE. Join the conversation about aging and make a difference. Find out more here.

What can YOU do to help end ageism?


Take Action

  • Talk about aging and ageism with friends and family. Download our Holiday Project Guide, which has some simple questions to get you started.
  • Join On the same pAGE to host or find an intergenerational conversation near you about ageism.
  • Bring a Changing the Narrative training workshop to your organization or community.
  • Become part of our speakers bureau to give presentations to groups about ageism and why it makes good economic sense to have age-friendly businesses and communities. It starts with training.

Stay in Touch

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