Ageism is discrimination and prejudice against people based on their age.

FrameWorks Institute research found that most people don’t even think about ageism or know what it is. Researchers also learned that explaining implicit bias—attitudes or stereotypes that we may hold and not be aware of—helps people better understand the problem of ageism, and actually reduces ageism.

These resources will help you better understand ageism and take a brief test to measure your implicit bias based on age.


  • Want to make sure that you are using correct statistics about aging and ageism? Change AGEnt Laurie Brock compiled these fully footnoted statistics for you. Download the PDF here
  • Check out Old School, Ashton Applewhite’s clearing house of anti-ageism resources.
  • Ashton Applewhite’s TED Talk: Let’s End Ageism – This video explains ageism, its origins, and refutes myths about older people.
  • Harvard University Project Implicit. Implicit Association Test (IAT) – At this site, you’ll receive instructions and be able to take a brief computerized test that measures implicit bias based on age.
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