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Making the Case for Funding in Aging–Change Your Strategy & Raise More Money

While our population of older adults is growing, fewer resources are being directed toward the programs and projects that benefit people age 50 and over. This session explores why we need more funding for older adults, the importance of diversifying your revenue sources, how simple changes in your case for support can improve your fundraising prospects, and how to get started with reframing aging in your proposals and appeals. The live session included a breakout session where participants practiced reframing fundraising messages. Presenters include: Chandra Matthews, NextFifty Initiative; Cindy Morris, American Society on Aging; Jodi Waterhouse, CU Anschutz Multidisciplinary Center on Aging; and Janine Vanderburg, Changing the Narrative.

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Top 10 Tips to Ask For Donations in Aging

“So many of us working in aging are accidentally propagating ageist themes with messages like these and images that reflect them. They
reinforce a cultural story about aging that teaches us that aging is a time of decline, deterioration, depression and dependence.”

This guide was developed in connection with the 2023 ASA Conference presentation by Cindy Morris, ASA Vice President of Community Engagement; Janine Vanderburg, Director Changing the Narrative; Jodi Waterhouse, Director, Outreach Programs The Multidisciplinary Center on Aging, Office of the Vice-Chancellor of Health Affairs, CU Denver; and Chandra Matthews, Director of Programs NextFifty Initiative.

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