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Title: Spellbinders Promotes Healthy Aging through the Civic Engagement of Older Adults while Improving Children's Literacy
Author: Anne Feist
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Category: Volunteer
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Description: On the morning of April 12th, 2019 over 100 Spellbinders from all around Colorado converged at the American Mountaineering Center in Golden, CO for the Spellbinders Annual Meeting. Spellbinders enhances literacy, encourages character development and builds intergenerational community. This non-profit promotes healthy aging through the civic engagement of older adults while improving children’s literacy. Spellbinders core program is training individuals, at least 90% of whom are 50 and older, in the art of oral storytelling and placing these individuals as volunteer storytellers in their local schools. Storytellers return to the same classrooms each month, forming mentoring relationships with children that last throughout the year, and often continue for several years. Storytelling brings literacy, art, multi-cultural ideas, inspiration and the human touch to both older adults and eager young listeners. While Spellbinders target populations are both the older adult storytellers and the young listeners, ultimately the whole community benefits when intergenerational gaps are filled with love and the art of storytelling. As the Spellbinders program is intergenerational, our key collaborative partners are the 287 schools that we serve.

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