“We Need to Talk” – A Dialogue Series Across Generations – Ageism

Last month, the UN released its Global Report on Ageism. For the first time ever, ageism is being addressed world-wide with evidence-based research and recommendations. It may be surprising for some to discover that one out of every two persons is biased against older adults. But ageism cuts both ways. It affects young and old […]


How to Profit From Purpose and Passion with Jannette Anderson of Bodacity

It’s one thing to know our purpose but another to know how to turn that into what we do for a living. Jannette Anderson of Bodacity.ca has been teaching people how to create, or pivot, businesses that help them make an impact, and an income for many years. We invite people of all generations to […]


Say NO to Ageism!


In recognition of the International Day of Older Persons, Top Sixty will host an open forum on Zoom to identify and promote ideas and activities that everyone can engage in to combat ageism. The demographic shift to "older" will be the norm well into the latter part of the 21st century. If we don't acknowledge […]

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