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You’re Up First podcast: Changing the Narrative on Ageism & Labels That Divide
June 6, 2024

Host Leanne Elliott interviews Changing the Narrative’s Kris Geerken: Do you pay attention to your own self-talk? You might be surprised that when you do, it’s full of judgment not only of yourself but others you don’t even know. A common pitfall of our judgment is around our aging bodies and minds, and it’s deeply ingrained in our psyche from a young age. Because of this internalized ageism, we make assumptions about what age means, what it says about the aging population, and how we are somehow doing it wrong.

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Episode #20: Anti-Ageism Activism: Burning Our Bifocals! | The Geezer-Proofer™ Podcast
February 27, 2024

Janine Vanderburg is the CEO of Encore Roadmap, speaking, writing and consulting with businesses and brands on how to leverage encore talent and the longevity economy for business success. She also founded Changing the Narrative, a national campaign to end ageism. We talk about tackling the “last ‘ism,” some of the micro-agressions we may face because of age, and how we can ALL change the narrative (and behaviors)!

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Slaying the Ageism Dragon with Janine Vanderburg
November 30, 2023

Janine Vanderburg is one of those women I’d want to be on my team. I don’t know if she can play pickleball, but I do know that her commitment to, as she says, “slaying the ageism dragon” is vital—some might say all-consuming. She does a lot of great stuff, but it is “Changing The Narrative,” the organization she founded in 2018 that has been the leader in working to change how people think, talk, and act about ageism, that has garnered national recognition. And that’s no easy task because the stereotypes about older people in this country run deep. This episode is a rousing exploration of what makes Janine tick and how her childhood helped groom her to call out what’s “unfair” and to do something about it.

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Changing the Narrative for Women 50+ in the Workplace
November 14, 2023

Does ageism cause employers to undervalue the 50+ demographic? That would be a resounding YES! This week we are speaking to Janine Vanderburg, former Director of Changing the Narrative, a leading anti-ageism initiative.

We talk about Change the Narrative’s work in offering workshops to help with employees as well as employers to highlight the value of quality experience. Language matters, experience matters and she is working to help corporations to recognize both.

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Discovering ‘What’s Next’: A Guide for Your Encore Stage Episode321

October, 2023

In This Episode:

  • Be inspired by Janine’s journey from leading a multi-million dollar consulting firm that she built  to launching her own encore path
  • The several barriers women experience in the workplace and why we need to raise our voices to educate  employers about intergenerational teams
  • How she works and focuses on helping women in their “encore” stage of life by highlighting their attributes, brilliance, and connections
  • The concrete steps you can take when you are trying to figure out your “what’s next” 
  • Understand why you need to embrace aging with a positive mindset and not allow ageist messages to undermine your potential
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Older Workers Rock: Janine Vanderburg Combats Ageism in the Workplace

September 13, 2023

“Thinking about returning to work, “working in retirement,” or launching an encore career? Ever experienced ageism in the workplace, felt pressured to leave a job before you’re ready, or overwhelmed at the thought of trying to rejoin the workforce?

The last week of September is National Employ Older Workers Week. Join Jan M. Flynn in conversation with Janine Vanderburg, founder of Changing the Narrative, a leading initiative working to increase awareness of ageism and change how people think, talk, and act about aging and ageism.

Leading Changing the Narrative, is Janine’s encore career. She’s led media and social media campaigns about the value of older folks, advocated for age-friendly public policies and stronger anti-discrimination laws, launched an anti-ageist birthday card campaign, and trained over 10,000 people in research-based messaging to counter negative stereotypes of older people and advocate the adoption of age-friendly policies.”

Patricia Greenberg podcast with Kris Geerken

Abundant Aging: Let’s End Ageism with Changing the Narrative
August 28, 2023

“There’s clearly a need and an interest to carry on [intergenerational] conversations. It’s resonating with people . . . [The intergenerational conversation toolkit] is designed so that it can be used in person and virtually. And we are in the process right now of updating it again . . . We update the work that we do with what is new and being learned out there about ageism, and its detrimental impacts on our lives.’

“The health care campaign has many components to it. So we have presentations, we have a short film that we co-produced with the Boulder County Area Agency on Aging, all about what ageism looks like in healthcare and what we can do about that. And we have a discussion guide that goes with that film . . . The healthcare campaign itself came about because of what we were seeing happening during the pandemic. And when the pandemic first came about it was being framed as an older person’s disease. And people were dismissing it or not taking it seriously, which is a reflection of the ageist society that we live in. And leaders were making decisions that were detrimental and harmful to older adults across the country. So we felt called to action to highlight and illustrate what happening for people. And most importantly, what can we do to change that reality? Because it’s dangerous for all of us.”

Patricia Greenberg podcast with Kris Geerken

The Power of Reframing Aging with Kris Geerken
August 5, 2023

Patricia Greenberg interviews Kris Geerken, Co-Director at Changing the Narrative, a campaign to end ageism. Kris is passionate about creating a more inclusive and respectful society for people of all ages. She has developed and led several initiatives to raise awareness and challenge stereotypes about aging, such as the Age-Friendly Healthcare project, the On the same pAGE campaign, and the intergenerational conversations series with PBS. Kris will share her insights and experiences on how to reframe aging and combat ageism in different settings and sectors. She will also give you some tips and tools on how to become a Change AGEnt, who educates others on how to communicate effectively about aging and ageism. Watch this video and learn how you can join Kris Geerken and Changing the Narrative in ending ageism together!

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Change the narrative about ageism
October 26, 2022

Janine Vanderburg leads Changing the Narrative, a Colorado-based public interest campaign working to change how people think, talk, and act about aging and ageism. In this interview, Janine discusses:

  • How ageism hurts the economic security of adult in their 50s, 60s, and beyond
  • How ageism has a harmful effect on the healthcare and lifespans of older adults
  • How sometimes the greatest harm comes from ageism we internalize and use against ourselves.
  • The business case for intergenerational teams that include older workers
  • What we can do to talk back constructively to those with ageist attitudes
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Hey Boomer! with Wendy Green: Celebrate Aging
September 26, 2022

“Celebrate aging. We rarely take the time to celebrate aging, because we have been sold the idea that aging is something to be avoided and not celebrated. There is a profit motive behind shaming us and telling us how to look, how to feel, how to think, so that we will buy anti-aging products. These messages reinforce our own internal biases about aging.

Janine Vanderburg leads Changing the Narrative where she works on changing the stories we tell ourselves, changing the stories about older workers in the workplace, and changing the stories about older adults in health care environments.

We also talked about the gorgeous age positive birthday cards available at Changing the Narrative. Why send your friends degrading cards, when you can share these beautiful, uplifting cards with them?”

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No CoPay Radio: Age-Friendly Healthcare Initiative
July 24, 2022

Kris Geeken is interviewed about Changing the Narrative’s Age-Friendly Healthcare Initiative, which she is leading. The goal of the initiative is to educate and advocate for age-friendly healthcare experiences and policies and to increase awareness of ageism’s impact on our health and inspire people to advocate for care that aligns with their health goals.

Prime Spark with Sara Hart

Actively Taking on Ageism: Changing the Narrative
June 17, 2022

“Janine Vanderburg is an energy force to be reckoned with! She is the Director of Changing the Narrative, the nation’s leading effort to change the way people think, talk, and act about aging and ageism. You’ll love listening to her talk about ageist greeting cards, the concrete business reasons to retain an intergenerational workforce, and the impact of gendered ageism on women’s health care.”

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Third Age Mojo: Interview with Janine Vanderburg
February 17, 2022

Cat Stone, founder and curator of Third Age Mojo, interviews Janine Vanderburg, Director of Changing the Narrative. They discuss how Janine came to be in motivated to end ageism and lead Changing the Narrative – and much more about what Changing the Narrative is doing.

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Moving from an age-friendly to an age-inclusive world
July 11, 2021

“Ageism is often called the last acceptable form of discrimination. The definition of ageism is ‘stereotyping prejudice and discrimination against people based on their age.’ In this episode of Caregiver Camp Podcast, we discuss what ageism is and how it contributes to psycho-social challenges in the workplace as well as economic losses for organizations and individuals. Kris Geerken and Dr Amy Dore are joining us in this discussion with examples of ageism from the recent Coronavirus pandemic.”

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Facebook Live: Let’s Challenge Our Language Around Ageism
November 6, 2019

Mavericks Senior Care podcast interviews Kris Geerken, program manager for “on the same pAGE“, a new campaign to reduce ageism through intergenerational conversations. Kris also discusses the main mission of Changing the Narrative, reframing how we think about age and older adults to combat ageism. Our words matter!

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