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Internalized Ageism Campaign

Ageism causes harm to our wellbeing and our society. Sometimes, it is more obvious, like when we get a mocking birthday card or when we hear about age discrimination at work.

It can be less obvious, though, including when we perpetrate it against ourselves. This is internalized ageism.

What does internalized ageism look like? It could be when we dismiss doing something without further consideration because “I’m too old.” It happens when we look in the mirror and feel depressed about going gray or seeing a few wrinkles.

Internalized ageism is often subconscious. So, it takes some work to see it and do something about it. We have so many negative beliefs about aging, reinforced constantly by the negative portrayals of people based on age in media and entertainment.

It’s time to stop accepting these limiting beliefs without question.

The good news?  We can do something about it.

Starting in January, and throughout 2024, we’ll be running a campaign to educate people about internalized ageism and what we can do about it. Stay tuned for additional workshops and ageism and see below for resources.

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Resources for Changing Your Narrative About Aging

Responding to Your Negative Stories About Aging

Have you ever said, “I’m too old for this” or “I look too old”? You may have an inner ageist. It’s easy to say we need new ideas, but harder to come up with them. We crowdsourced ideas some responses to get you started reframing your negative storylines about getting older.

Becoming AgeSmart

The AgeSmart Inventory© is a tool for introspection, reflection, and conversation about individual values and judgements about age. The questions help you explore your beliefs. Learn more in this informative session with the developers, Kate de Medeiros and Suzanne Kunkel.

Reframe Your Story – Watch the Videos

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