on the same pAGE: Intergenerational Conversations on Ageism

Intergenerational conversations can change minds and break down stereotypes. When generations share knowledge and perspectives, people’s attitudes about age improve. Our age doesn’t tell that much about us, but it can take a conversation to expose that.

Ageism, like other “isms”, can come from a lack of experience with people who are not like you. Research also shows that most of us have few relationships outside our families with people who are not our age. It’s time for more intergenerational conversations. 

Join this effort to connect people of all ages. You can host or join a conversation, or even watch some past discussions. Collectively, we can challenge our assumptions and end ageism.

Host Your Own on the same pAGE Intergenerational Conversation

We invite you to conduct a virtual intergenerational conversation with colleagues, friends and family. This is an engaging opportunity for everyone to learn about ageism. We have updated our in-person format so that you can host a virtual conversation on your preferred platform. Our Facilitator Toolkit shares sample discussions, ideas and email invitations for hosting your own virtual conversation. Download the facilitator toolkit.

on the same page intergenerational conversationWatch the PBS12 Series: on the same pAGE

We were excited to partner with PBS12 in 2020 to produce a series of facilitated intergenerational conversations on a range of topics including health equity, technology, the arts and the future of work. Participants came from a range of ages, as well as a range of experiences and identities. Watch the recordings of a diverse range of expert panelists.


The movement to #endageism starts with us talking about it together.

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