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Coffee Chat: The Power of Age-Friendly Healthcare

This session will delve into recognizing and understanding our beliefs about age. Explore the detrimental effects of ageism on physical and mental health, lifespans, and the economy, illustrating the often-overlooked consequences. Uncover the implications of ageism within healthcare settings and discover the profound benefits of developing positive beliefs about aging. Empower yourself with actionable steps for […]

Addressing Ageism in Healthcare Training

There is an urgent and ongoing need for increased awareness and education on ageism in healthcare. Join the growing anti-ageism movement to improve the health outcomes of older adults and learn how to become a better provider during patient interactions. By attending this educational program, you will: Increase your awareness about the negative impacts ageism […]

January 2024 Coffee Chat – Internalized Ageism

What does internalized ageism look like? It could be when we dismiss doing something because "I'm too old," without further consideration. It happens when we look in the mirror and feel depressed about going gray or seeing a few wrinkles. It's time to stop accepting these limiting beliefs without question. We know that negative beliefs […]

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