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What does it mean to have a Better Birthday?

How are you feeling about your next birthday? What if birthday celebrations became a moment when we challenged our fear of aging and spread feelings of gratitude and hope? Just over a year ago Changing the Narrative, Canopy and Age Friendly Vibes launched Better Birthdays - a campaign which uses birthday cards to talk about age and ageism. One of the goals […]

Coffee Chat: Five Years of Ageism Awareness

Changing the Narrative is five years old! So much has happened and we are seeing the movement grow. Ever wondered what all we do and what all those campaigns are? Join us to get the whole picture, ask questions and join the discussion of what’s next. REGISTER AND JOIN THE CONVERSATION  

CWI Labs Equity Summit

Join hundreds of decision-makers, influences, policymakers, and practitioners for a unique opportunity – to discuss reskilling, upskilling, and equitable economic opportunities for older job seekers. At the 2023 CWI Labs Equity Summit, we're not just talking about the issue but also presenting SOLUTIONS: Janine Vanderburg of Changing the Narrative will be speaking at 7:40 am […]

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