Setting the Climate for Change: Letter Writing to Influence


We know that workplace age discrimination is a huge barrier to those of us who are older and who want and need to work. That’s why Changing the Narrative is working with a coalition of partners who want to strengthen Colorado’s age discrimination laws. To return to “normal”, Colorado needs everyone who wants to participate […]

Reframing aging: changing the stories we tell about aging

Are you a leader who cares about communicating in a more effective and age-inclusive way? A career or life coach who works with people age 50+? Someone who is trying to advance age-inclusive policies and practices? Someone who is trying to market more effectively to older adults? We're offering a training on reframing aging - […]

July 2023 Coffee Chat: Tell us your stories about healthcare

We know that stories bring issues to life and we want to hear from you! Have you ever experienced ageism in healthcare? Real life examples make an impression. We know that ageism impacts our health and wellbeing and true life examples illustrate the impact. Your experiences inform our work. Here are just a couple of […]

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