Ending Ageism Together

Ageism is an often-overlooked form of discrimination affecting people of all ages, especially older adults. It’s insidious and negatively impacts our communities, health, and the economy. This virtual presentation is open to the public and will explore ageism’s impact on individuals and society, its causes, and recommendations for reducing it. The event is sponsored by […]

Change Your Narrative About Age & Aging

Every person experiences age, yet we don't all experience it the same way.  Many of you have asked about what can be done to change how we think about aging. Lately, we've had many conversations about internalized ageism and how to respond.  In this workshop, we will dive into our own experiences and where our narratives […]

Ending Ageism Together Speaker Training 2023

Many of you have platforms and opportunities to speak up and out about issues that you care about. If ageism is one of those, we invite you to join our speaker training on September 7, one month before Ageism Awareness Day 2023. We will be providing a 90 minute training session to equip you to […]

SilverBills Caregiver Study Information Session

The Paul Freeman Financial Security Program at the Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging is currently recruiting for a study (clinical study identifier NCTO5382949) funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) aimed at assessing physical, financial, and emotional stress of caregivers of older adults with dementia, and how using a service that helps caregivers handle […]

Are jokes about getting older getting old?

Are jokes about age harmless? What we joke about reflects our values. In this workshop, we explore how humor can disguise ageism. We know that ageism impacts our ability to stay employed, the quality of healthcare, and even how long we live. In this presentation, you’ll learn how humor can reinforce stereotypes about aging. We’ll […]

Filling The Talent Pipeline With Workers Over 50

The Encore Network invites you to join in celebrating Workforce Development Month, commemorated each September. You will learn more about: The role that over 650 Workforce Centers and Boards across the US play in supporting older adults in seeking and securing work. The new Employers Guide created by The Encore Network to help workforce centers and […]

Women 40+: You Belong. Start Your Company Today: Denver Start-Up Week Panel

You want to start a company, but you think you need to be younger. Wrong. There's no better time to start a company than now. A recent study of 2.7 million startups found that the most successful entrepreneurs are between 40 and 60. Join Barbara Brooks (56), founder of SecondActWomen, and an all-female panel of small […]

Coffee Chat – Intergenerational Toolkit Re-Launch

Bringing people of all ages together to discuss their beliefs and experiences with aging is an opportunity to find common ground - and it helps decrease ageism in all directions. In 2019 we launched our campaign, "on the same pAGE intergenerational conversations". Within the first 10 days we reached people across the US and in […]

Filling Your Talent Pipeline: Going Beyond the Usual Suspects

Why are a growing number of employers turning to older workers to address their talent shortages and fill key positions? In the US, there are 10 million unfilled jobs, and in Colorado, two job openings for every job seeker. In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn: The benefits experienced talent and intergenerational teams bring to your organization […]

Artful Living: Embracing Aging

Creative Aging Convening, Denver Art Museum Explore the topic of ageism through this multi-modal workshop. Begin with a TED-talk style lecture from Janine Vanderburg (Changing the Narrative). Then move into the museum galleries for a close-looking experience led by dance artist/scholar Donna Mejia, and end with a hands-on art making activity with healing arts artist […]

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