Strategies for Workers 50+

Are you or someone you know age 50+ and looking for work? Are you someone who works with older adults on employment? If so, this workshop is for you. In […]

Coffee Chat – Internalized Ageism

"I'm too old to try something new." Ever said or thought that? Maybe you've looked at your image in the mirror and thought "who is that ugly old person". What […]

Ageism & Dementia

Ageism gets in the way of talking about dementia and adds more stigma to an already misunderstood condition. Internalized ageism can even increase the risk of dementia. Join us to […]

Ending Ageism Together

Ageism is an often-overlooked form of discrimination affecting people of all ages, especially older adults. It’s insidious and negatively impacts our communities, health, and the economy. This virtual presentation is […]

Change Your Narrative About Age & Aging

Every person experiences age, yet we don't all experience it the same way.  Many of you have asked about what can be done to change how we think about aging. Lately, […]

Ending Ageism Together Speaker Training 2023

Many of you have platforms and opportunities to speak up and out about issues that you care about. If ageism is one of those, we invite you to join our […]

SilverBills Caregiver Study Information Session

The Paul Freeman Financial Security Program at the Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging is currently recruiting for a study (clinical study identifier NCTO5382949) funded by the National Institutes of Health […]

Are jokes about getting older getting old?

Are jokes about age harmless? What we joke about reflects our values. In this workshop, we explore how humor can disguise ageism. We know that ageism impacts our ability to […]

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