CWI Labs Equity Summit

Join hundreds of decision-makers, influences, policymakers, and practitioners for a unique opportunity – to discuss reskilling, upskilling, and equitable economic opportunities for older job seekers. At the 2023 CWI Labs Equity Summit, we're not just talking about the issue but also presenting SOLUTIONS: Janine Vanderburg of Changing the Narrative will be speaking at 7:40 am […]

Coffee Chat: Five Years of Ageism Awareness

Changing the Narrative is five years old! So much has happened and we are seeing the movement grow. Ever wondered what all we do and what all those campaigns are? Join us to get the whole picture, ask questions and join the discussion of what’s next. REGISTER AND JOIN THE CONVERSATION  

What does it mean to have a Better Birthday?

How are you feeling about your next birthday? What if birthday celebrations became a moment when we challenged our fear of aging and spread feelings of gratitude and hope? Just over a year ago Changing the Narrative, Canopy and Age Friendly Vibes launched Better Birthdays - a campaign which uses birthday cards to talk about age and ageism. One of the goals […]

January 2024 Coffee Chat – Internalized Ageism

What does internalized ageism look like? It could be when we dismiss doing something because "I'm too old," without further consideration. It happens when we look in the mirror and feel depressed about going gray or seeing a few wrinkles. It's time to stop accepting these limiting beliefs without question. We know that negative beliefs […]

Addressing Ageism in Healthcare Training

There is an urgent and ongoing need for increased awareness and education on ageism in healthcare. Join the growing anti-ageism movement to improve the health outcomes of older adults and learn how to become a better provider during patient interactions. By attending this educational program, you will: Increase your awareness about the negative impacts ageism […]

Coffee Chat: The Power of Age-Friendly Healthcare

This session will delve into recognizing and understanding our beliefs about age. Explore the detrimental effects of ageism on physical and mental health, lifespans, and the economy, illustrating the often-overlooked consequences. Uncover the implications of ageism within healthcare settings and discover the profound benefits of developing positive beliefs about aging. Empower yourself with actionable steps for […]

Coffee Chat: What Do Marketers Think About Older Adults?

We've been thinking a lot about brands right now and how they do or don't include older adults in their advertising, and how they represent us. You may have seen the article we recently shared on our social media about how grouping consumers by age doesn’t make sense and how embracing age diversity appeals to all ages. […]

Strategies for Disrupting Ageism and Advancing DEI

Ageism and DEI intersect in complex ways, impacting individuals of all ages and backgrounds, including most older adults who avail themselves of CBO services and complicating their experience with healthcare. This webinar will explore actionable strategies to dismantle ageist beliefs, while fostering a more inclusive and equitable society. Discover how these efforts strengthen cross-sector collaboration […]

The Many Ways to Become an Encore Entrepreneur

When most people think about entrepreneurship, they envision young founders and billion-dollar, high-tech startups. But that popular myth, like so many others related to age, has been thoroughly debunked. In fact, more businesses are founded by people over 50 than any other age group and they are two to three times more likely to succeed. […]

OnAging 2024

We're at the American Society on Aging conference this week in San Francisco! Find us at OnAging 2024. Send DataSend Data

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