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Guidelines for Age-Inclusive Communication – Do you communicate about or with older adults? You need the guide.

Ageism Activism Center – Want to start taking action right now? Start here.

Love research? Check out the links below where you can find Changing the Narrative’s (CTN) publications and reports. Also, read our blog to learn more about ageism and see real aging in action.

We also offer presentations on reframing aging, ending ageism, the business case for age-friendly business, the Colorado workforce survey, ageism in healthcare, and related topics. Contact us to find out more.

Publications and Reports

Business Case for Age-Friendly Workplaces

2018, Changing the Narrative
Intergenerational workplaces are good for all ages and good for employers. Read our original white paper that makes the case on why age-friendly is good for business, including some ways to get there. Read the business case white paper.

Benefits of Older Individuals in the Workforce – 3 Illustrative Examples

December 2019, James McKinnon
Both older workers and the economy benefit when older adults are able to work. This paper provides data-based models of how retirement choices, policies, age discrimination and other factors intersect to influence economic security for older adults and the economy as a whole. Read Benefits of Older Individuals in the Workforce.

Programs that Support Older Workers – Examples

January 2020, Karen Brown
Read our lists of programs that support older workers in Colorado and beyond.
Older Worker Program Examples – Colorado
Older Worker Program Examples – Outside Colorado

Economic Impact of Ageism in Colorado’s Workplaces: Gender Disparities and Workplace Ageism

May 2020, Erin Baran, Nicole Johnston, Lauren Pfefferle, Lauren Sadler, University of Colorado School of Public Affairs
Infographic overview of research on the economic impact of the intersection of gender discrimination and ageism, including gender disparities in retirement and pay equity. Read the white paper on ageism and gender disparities.

Generational Shifts in Life Expectancy & Retirement

December 2020, James McKinnon
Our increase in lifespan means that individuals, policy-makers and employers need to rethink the traditional pathway of education, career and retirement. The impacts are both personal and economic and warrant shifts in policies and assumptions. Modeling illustrates the issues and possible solutions. Read Generational Shifts in Life Expectancy & Retirement.

Colorado 50+ Workforce Survey

December 2020, Joining Vision & Action
CTN and JVA conducted a state-wide Colorado survey of older adults who were working or looking for work in 2020 to determine their motivations, the challenges they face, and what is needed to engage this underutilized workforce. Download an overview of the findings.

Age-Friendly Healthcare

January 2021
Ageism impacts the quality of healthcare and increases the costs. Find out more about the impact of ageism and how we can move towards more age-friendly healthcare. Read the age-friendly healthcare white paper.


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