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Anti-ageist Birthday Card Project

Changing the Narrative has selected a diverse group of Colorado artists to design anti-ageist birthday cards. The designs defy negative views of aging and celebrate the joys of getting older.


It’s time to celebrate the fact that we get to age.

Why an anti-ageist birthday card campaign?

If you follow our blog, you know that we share lots of stories of older people who are doing interesting things, giving back, taking care of others, starting businesses, working on the front lines.

These stories represent the diversity and reality of today’s older adults, who are living longer and playing vital roles in society.

If you buy a birthday card for an older person, however, this is not what you’ll see. Instead, you’ll be inundated with negative stereotypes with older people portrayed as sleepy, crabby, and weak. You’ll see lots of ableism. According to these cards, we should feel bad about aging. Getting older is all downhill, a period of decline, depression, and dependence. (Want to see some examples? Search for these words: “ageism birthday cards”.)

We know that ageism is both prevalent and harmful (it’s not just a joke). Many studies show that ageism has negative effects on our health and financial security, and a recent survey showed that 82% of people age 50-80 experience ageism in their everyday lives. We even inflict these ideas on ourselves because we’ve internalized the ageism that surrounds us.

We need alternatives—birthday cards that CELEBRATE age.

(Read more on our blog about why we need anti-ageist birthday cards and check out a similar campaign in the UK. Ageism, unfortunately, is prevalent in many cultures.)

A better, locally-sourced alternative

Changing the Narrative commissioned a diverse group of Colorado artists to disrupt the trend of ageist birthday cards. Multiple artists were selected to produce a range of designs (because we have different tastes, right?). Colorado has so much local talent and we are excited to support our community, while we work to show that aging is worth celebrating.

The cards will provide an alternative to negative stereotypes and connect people to the movement to end ageism.

We’ve partnered with Hope Tank to sell these cards, both online and in the store. Hope Tank is a social enterprise gift store in Denver and we’re excited join forces for good – supporting local artists and fighting against ageism.


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