The Age-Friendly Workplace Initiative ©

The time is ripe for age-friendly workplaces. In the United States, and across the world, we are experiencing a fundamental demographic shift. Birth rates are down and people are living longer and healthier lives. It is increasingly common to have multiple generations in the workplace. Companies who fail to adjust to this will be at a competitive disadvantage.

Currently, many businesses are missing out on the benefits of older workers. Older workers are a talent pool that is frequently underutilized because of misperceptions and stereotypes that just don’t hold up. The Age-Friendly Workplace Initiative © aims to change this.

Want to attract older workers? Become a Certified Age-Friendly Employer.


What’s the case for Age-Friendly Businesses?

Watch the presentation and learn about becoming an age-friendly workplace. There are many myths about older workers that need to be dispelled. Employers who are not age-friendly are missing out on this large and skilled pool of talent.


    • Older workers can and want to work. On average, the tenure of older workers is greater than that of younger workers. Older people are very capable of working for many years past traditional retirement age, and we have plenty of time with our longer lives. Average life span has increased since Social Security was created in 1935.
    • Older workers are not necessarily more expensive than younger workers. Increased loyalty, trainability, and extensive experience all up to value. Health care costs may actually be lower.
    • An age-diverse staff brings advantages to employers. Diversity – including age-diversity – can bring perspective and widen the team’s skill set and customer knowledge.
    • Not everyone wants or needs traditional work arrangement. Sometimes what gets in the way are structural factors that, when fixed, can actually benefit all workers.

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How can we create age-friendly workplaces?

Here are some proven solutions to make your workplace more age-friendly.

  • Invest in training for people of all ages
  • Offer flexibility
  • Include age in diversity policies & remove age-identifiers from applications
  • Encourage reciprocal mentoring so that younger people and older people can learn from each other.

Download our white paper to find out more. 

How do I become an age-friendly employer?

Want to know where to find older workers? Trying to find work as an older adult? Download our resource guide for employers and job seekers.

Want to know more?

Changing the Narrative’s Age-Friendly Workplace Initiative © can help. Find our more about becoming a Certified Age-Friendly Employer or sign up to have us come to you and do a presentation to your organization.

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