50+ Colorado Workforce Survey

Changing the Narrative, through Joining Vision and Action, surveyed Coloradans age 50+ who were working or looking for work. The survey gathered feedback from adults age 50+ on the challenges encountered in the workforce – both pre-and post-COVID – and what support they need to be successful. The Colorado workforce survey also gathered information about the characteristics and motivations of this diverse group of workers. This information and advice is of great value to employers and organizations that support older adults in the workforce.

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Some Truths About Older Workers from the Survey


  • older and younger men working togetherThere is great interest in full-time work among adults ages 50+, with the exception of those ages 70– 79, who are instead looking for either part-time or contract work.
  • When respondents looking for work were asked about the primary reason, the top four highest-rated items were the need to sustain daily living (78%), especially for people who are single, divorced and/or earning less than $50K annually; the need to increase retirement security (76%); seeking purpose through work (74%); and seeking security against uncertainty (70%).
  • Of respondents who reported that they were looking for work, 50% indicated they were interested in changing careers or industries.
  • While the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been felt by all demographic groups ages 50+ across Colorado, results indicate respondents approaching retirement are more likely to have experienced these negative effects on their working status.

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