Saturday, October 7 is Ageism Awareness Day 2023

Led by the American Society on Aging, this day provides an opportunity to draw attention to the existence and impact of ageism in our society.

Of course, at Changing the Narrative, every day is ageism awareness day! So to get you ready for that day and beyond, here are a few things that you can do.

Become a speaker on ageism in your community

Many of you have platforms and opportunities to speak up and out about issues that you care about. If ageism is one of those, we invite you to join our speaker training on September 7, one month before Ageism Awareness Day 2023.

On September 7, 2023, we will be providing a 90 minute  training session to equip you to speak on ageism in your community. The 90 minute training session will equip you to speak on ageism in your community. The cost is $149 and included in the price:

  • recording of the training
  • a slide deck that you can customize with your brand and organization
  • a recorded video on how you can customize to your audience and branding
  • two one-hour, follow-up group sessions for you to ask questions, and
  • an Ending Ageism Together sticker from Age Friendly Vibes’ Jan Golden

This training is designed for people comfortable with speaking and ready to add this to their repertoire. Check out the link below for more details and to register.


Connect with people of other ages

Research shows education and intergenerational connections are effective methods for reducing ageism. When we come together to share our perspectives, our attitudes shift about age and people of different ages. We can discover what we have in common. We can all participate in reducing our biases and take concrete steps in our lives to reduce ageism.

And, we have a toolkit for that! Read more about the power of connections between ages and download the intergenerational toolkit (updated September 2023!).


Host a book club discussion

Gather friends or colleagues – or maybe your existing book club or other community group – to read the book Breaking the Age Code, by Dr. Becca Levy. Then, use the toolkit to host a conversation about the impact of ageism in our lives.


Make it visual

Do you or your organization have a newsletter? If so, feel free to share our visual of a world without ageism, which you can download here


Spark a conversation with a video

How about some video prompts for a discussion about ageism?  During Older Americans Month, we filmed over 60 influencers from across the United States and beyond who responded to the question, “What would aging look like if it were unbound by ageism?”

A simple idea: select a few videos that you think would resonate with your audience, whether it’s students in a classroom, older adults in a community program, or your friends and professional colleagues. Watch a video or two and then discuss what we can do to address ageism in our everyday lives.


American Society on Aging Toolkit

Last, but not least, the American Society on Aging has put together a free tool kit that you can access here. If you want your organization to be affiliated with activities on ageism, definitely check out this tool kit.
Join us to take action for Ageism Awareness Day 2023! Together we can do more. (And, let us know what you do so we can amplify it even more.)

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