These job boards and programs will point you to age-friendly employers

Who hires older workers? Where can workers age 50+ find jobs?

These are questions I get all the time in my role directing Changing the Narrative, especially after stories appear in the media about rampant workplace age discrimination, like this now infamous one about IBM executives’ attempts to make “dinobabies” extinct.

Who are the real dinosaurs in this world? Those employers who hold on to outdated myths and stereotypes about older workers, therefore missing out on leveraging the real benefits of older workers and intergenerational teams. They are the ones who won’t be able to address today’s and tomorrow’s talent shortages.

The good news? There are job boards and programs that understand that, with changing demographics, the only way to remain innovative and competitive is to intentionally seek out and hire older workers.

In alphabetical order, they are:

  • AARP Job Board. This job board for experienced workers listed over 1.4 million jobs last time I checked, across a range of jobs and industries. You can search by location, key words and also for jobs with employers who have signed the AARP Employer Pledge.
  • iRelaunch. This is a program for “relaunchers,” described as: “mid-to-senior career professionals who have taken a break and want to return to work.” The job board focuses on positions targeting relaunchers, including “returnships.” You can also upload your resume for employers to find you.
  • Manpower Job Connections for Mature Workers Facebook group. This Facebook group posts remote, work-from-home positions for experienced workers. Click on the jobs tab to see current listings. 
  • Manpower Mature Work Program – Supports older adults looking for work with resources tailored to their needs.
  • National Experienced Workforce Solutions (NEW Solutions). This is a nonprofit that provides employment opportunities in federal agencies for people age 50+. Its job board lists part-time and full-time grant-administered positions across the country. 
  • Retirement Jobs. A job board specifically for people age 50+, it allows you to find employers who specifically want to hire older workers, as well as to search for positions with employers who have been certified as age-friendly.
  • WAHVE (Work at Home Vintage Experts). This company provides a unique staffing solution that connects experienced “pre-retirees” who want to work from home with companies needing talent in accounting, human resources and the insurance industry. 
  • XBound. The latest entrant in the field, its mission is “to create an easy to use platform that connects late-career, semi-retired and recently retired workers who want to re-enter the workforce or re-position themselves with companies, organizations and non-profits looking for needed help.”

Who hires older workers? We are hoping you know of more. Email us and we’ll add them to the list.

And let’s shout out and support the employers who are going out of their way to secure experienced talent. That’s how we build our new, age-inclusive workplaces and society.

Janine Vanderburg is director of Changing the Narrative, a U.S.-based campaign to change the way that people think, talk and act about aging and ageism.

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