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We think that age needs to be part of efforts to increase diversity, equity and inclusion. Working with students from the University of Colorado Denver, we’re conducting a survey of Colorado residents to find out what others who share these values think about age.

Recent research from Stanford showed that even people aligned with causes related to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) can be ageist. DEI efforts often do not include age as a consideration. Yet, 82% of people of aged 50-80 in the US experience everyday ageism. Older people are pushed out of the workforce at increasing rates, which has been worsened by the pandemic.

DEI means having representation from different parts of the community, as well as integrating their experiences and views. It also means creating equal opportunity for everyone to succeed. These kind of efforts need to take into account people of every age.

It isn’t just that ageism is not on many people’s radar. The same people who may feel strongly that people of every race, gender, sexual preference, etc. shouldn’t face discrimination, can be ageist themselves. We can’t fight discrimination in our society without attacking it on all fronts, and this means ending ageism.

Expanding Diversity Equity & Inclusion

We want to know more about what people are thinking, especially people with similar values. Our goal is to change the narrative about aging. To do that, we need to know what Coloradans value and how they think about aging and people of ages other than their own. Help us build a Colorado that works for people of all ages!

Start by taking the survey. Then spread the word.

Sample social media post: “I took this survey from Changing the Narrative, because diversity, equity and inclusion are important to me. Take this survey and let them know about what issues are important to you. Help fight for a world that values everyone of every age.”

Learn more about ageism and what else you can do to make ageism part of diversity, equity and inclusion on our Ageism Activism Center. But take the survey first!


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