Changing the Narrative’s (CTN) ongoing mission is to change minds about aging. Ageism is based on wrong thinking about older people and what they contribute to society. Because of ageism, we are missing out on the contributions of older people to our communities and workplaces.

Once we started talking to individual people about reframing aging, it quickly became apparent that we needed to talk to employers too. Demographics are changing and our workforce is aging. Our longer lives necessitate new ways of thinking about work.

Identifying age-friendly employers

Employers have questions about the changing workforce. Additionally, older Coloradans want to find age-friendly workplaces. So, last year, CTN began our Age-Friendly Workplaces Initiative ©, which presents the case for hiring older workers and connects people to resources on age-friendly workplaces.

Many employers want to be more age-friendly and reap the benefits of intergenerational workplaces. In response, we are excited to announce a new initiative. CTN and Age-Friendly Foundation are rolling out a certification for employers committed to being age-friendly. Through this evaluation, employers can become a “Certified Age-Friendly Employer” (CAFE). The certification gives employers the opportunity to identify best practices and to let older workers identify good places to work.

To learn more about the initiative, read the press release here and check out our page on the Certified Age-Friendly Employer initiative.

Why become certified as age-friendly?

An increasing percentage of people over age 50 are remaining in the workforce longer. Some plan to remain in their careers, while others seek different opportunities. Mature workers generate measurably higher customer satisfaction rates. They also remain in their jobs three times longer than younger workers, reducing the significant costs associated with hiring new workers.

Workers in this steadily growing growing segment of our population will look to employers that value older workers, like those that are certified Age Friendly.

  • An age-diverse staff can be a competitive advantage. Diversity – including age-diversity – can bring perspective and widen the team’s skill set and customer knowledge.
  • We are in a tight job market. Colorado needs people to stay in the workforce.
  • Get ahead of the trend. We are facing long-term demographic changes. People 50 and older are the fastest growing segment of the workforce.

Become certified today. Interested? Let us know and find out more by filling out the CAFE interest form.

Sara Breindel, Changing the Narrative blogger

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