I’ve always loved giving with a purpose in mind, and this year I’d like to focus on an issue I’ve been working on: addressing ageism. This 2019 holiday anti-ageism holiday gift guide suggests a few gifts that advance the movement to end ageism, and that are also—well, just great gifts!

The gift of reading

My favorite holiday—or anytime, actually—gifts are books, and there is one that should top your anti-ageism holiday gift list. Ashton Applewhite’s This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism is THE engaging primer on ageism, its effects, how we ourselves are ageist, and what to do about it. I’ve both recommended and given this book to friends, who unanimously have said things like:  “Wow! This was great! What can I do to join the movement to end ageism?

You can order online here or find a local store close to you here, and if you live in Denver, I happen to know that there were some signed copies at the Book Bar on Tennyson a week ago.

Have kiddos to buy for?

Here’s a great list of children’s books that depict older adults in non-stereotypical ways. You can give the gift of literature, and also help reduce implicit bias against older people at the same time.

On a budget, or looking for stocking stuffers?

Someone gave me this Ageism is Never in Style pin this year, and I love wearing it on my lapel or to pin a scarf. And the best? You can order this anti-ageism holiday gift for free right here.


Some of us like to give experiences instead of gifts.

No worries, Changing the Narrative has one: a house party to talk about ageism. Four simple steps will get you going.

  1. Gather up a group of friends or family.
  2. Provide refreshments.
  3. Watch this video.
  4. Discuss.

Not sure how to organize or what to discuss? The Changing the Narrative team created a full toolkit this fall for our on the same pAGE campaign, a series of house parties and public conversations about ageism. You can download the toolkit for free here.

A few other ideas for anti-ageism holiday gifts

You can patronize age-friendly businesses who have demonstrated that they have hiring and employment policies favorable to older workers.

Things to avoid in your pursuit to addressing ageism in your holiday gift giving? Anything labeled “anti-aging.” We are all aging, right, or as I like to say in our workshops on reframing aging:

Today is the oldest we’ve ever been. And think about this before you go to sleep tonight: It’s the youngest you’ll ever be.”

Wishing you joy and peace, and a world that values people of all ages.


Janine Vanderburg leads Changing the Narrative in Colorado, is a certified master trainer in reframing aging, and frequently speaks and consults on topics related to reframing aging, addressing ageism and designing an encore life.

Have some other ideas about anti-ageist holiday gifts? Share in the comments below.

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