By Janine Vanderburg, Initiative Manager –

To advance our goals of ending ageism and creating a more age-integrated society, we’ve created the Changing the Narrative blog. In it, we’ll be sharing stories and commentary about ageism, and those who are working to end it. We’ll be sharing some of the latest news and research that undercut the stereotypes that some people have about older adults. For example, did you know that:

Productivity increases as we age?
Happiness increases after age 50?
Entrepreneurs get better with age?

We’ll be writing about individuals and organizations who recognize the strengths and wisdom that we gain as we age, and who view older people as assets. We’ll be sharing information about innovative policies and programs from around the world—policies and programs that allow older people to age in place and to continue to contribute to their communities and the economy. Through this blog, we hope that you will be inspired and motivated to take action in
your own networks and communities. Do you have an idea for a story we should cover? An organization we should feature?

Please let me know here. I can’t wait to engage with all of you. We will end ageism. Together!