What is Changing the Narrative in Colorado?

Changing the Narrative is a strategic communications and awareness campaign to increase understanding of ageism and to shift how Coloradans think about aging.

Thank you to all who participated in the REAL Photo Contest! 

Images of older adults often underscore negative stereotypes. We recently held a contest to generate more non-ageist images of older adults in action. We had a tremendous response and are excited to share the winners with you. Check them out on Next50’s website, where the pictures are free and available for download, to help support the battle against visual ageism!

Why is changing the narrative and reframing aging important?

Like people across the country and world, Coloradans are living longer and healthier lives. Yet national research conducted by FrameWorks Institute over the last three years shows that aging is misunderstood in America, and ageist and negative stereotypes about older people abound.

By marginalizing older people and minimizing their contributions, ageist attitudes and stereotypes harm not only older people but also our communities, which fail to benefit from the build up of experience and insights that all of us acquire as we age.

Can we do something about it? Yes, we can! Groundbreaking research by FrameWorks Institute showed that it is possible to shift how people think through “reframing” aging and ageism.

By changing the way that people talk and think about aging and ageism, Changing the Narrative will be setting the foundation for more productive policies and practices across our state that leverage the strengths and talents of older people, and systems that support wellbeing for all of us as we age.

How are we going to change the narrative about aging?

Training & Technical Assistance
Changing the Narrative will train advocates, policymakers and other influencers of all ages in using evidence-based, cutting edge communications tools and messages developed by FrameWorks Institute, and tailored for Colorado audiences.
Media Campaigns
Through blogging, opinion pieces, letters to the editor, targeted stories, social media and other platforms, Changing the Narrative will extend the reach of our communications and messages to diverse audiences across the state.
Change AGEnts
Trained volunteers working through Boomers Leading Change will “call-in” ageism, educate their networks in reframing aging, and recognize individuals and organizations that are advancing a positive view of aging and eliminating ageist practices.
Colorado Encore Network
The network, which connects older people to each other and to resources for developing “encores” with purpose, will host monthly Meetups and skill-building workshops, designed to help all of us maintain and strengthen our contributions to the economy and to the larger community as we age.
All of YOU
The more people learn about changing the narrative and reframing aging and share what they’ve learned with friends, neighbors and colleagues, the faster we will make progress toward our goal: Ending Ageism. Together.